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Dongguan luen tai Windows and doors co., LTD
  Dongguan luen tai Windows and doors co., LTD,The specialty is engaged in the high-end research and development of aluminum alloy doors and Windows design、Production and manufacturing、Sales、Services in an integrated modern enterprise。The company was founded2011Years,Headquarters is located in guangdong dongguan,Division is located in Hong Kong。The company technical backbone team20Years of industry experience,Research and development、Innovation of aluminium alloy intelligent doors and Windows,Is committed to providing customers with window of aluminium alloy door integral form a complete set of solutions。
  The company has production equipment、Adequate supply capacity and strong production technical support,Diversified products,To meet the various needs of customers。The company through......
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High-end aluminum alloy doors and Windows should be how to maintain?
High-end aluminum alloy doors and Windows in use,The movement wants light,Push-pull let nature take its course;Don't pull hard push found difficulties,Should be troubleshooting。Soot formation,Deformation is a major cause of aluminum alloy doors and Windows new pull hard...【To view more】
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What are the safety knowledge to build doors and Windows?
Check if there is a broken skin bare wire electric tools,If there is any breakage,Before use must be lines to wrap or replacement。In construction of a rainy day,Electric tools will be caught in the rain,It is prohibited to use。Installation tools should be put in the wall inside...
Aluminum alloy doors and Windows acceptance what matters needing attention?
The window frame of verticality:It is better to level measurement,Can also push the window sash to close to the position of the window frame,A little leave gaps,You look at this time、In the、...
What are the main points of aluminium alloy door installation?
Aluminum alloy doors and Windows,Refers to the aluminum alloy extrusion profiles for the box、Ting、Fan made known as aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the doors and Windows,Hereinafter referred to as aluminum doors and Windows。Aluminum alloy doors and Windows...
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