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The ground The address:Chuzhou ziwei south road188The number millennium Minneapolis city gardenDSegment190-201
The electricity Words:0550-4748888
Pass The true:0550-3213678
    Chuzhou to vw brokerage co., LTD “High-quality service、The customer is supreme”The aim of enthusiasm for the majority of new and old customer service。Since the company founded,Has been well received by the majority of new and old customers。The company the geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Bring boundless convenience for your rental car。The company technical force is abundant,Operating lease vehicle type is complete......
When you rent the vehicle drive need to present this to the company:1、Companies in the city、Business entity   2、Foreign countries(Anhui)In ningxia  3、The residents of chuzhou 4、Outsiders、A soldier ...
At present,The public economic cities across the country set up offices,And with the domestic many shipping companies established a brother transport business,Make the company continuously toward collectivization,Scale development direction...
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  • Chuzhou vw brokerage co., LTD2014
    Chuzhou vw brokerage co., LTD2014In the annual meeting held in chuzhou crown hotel,To the company all the staff
  • Bo xihua staff section
    2014Years4Month26Chuzhou bo xihua holds employee section,My company as the shuttle bus service to assist bo xihua perfection
  • Chuzhou vw brokerage co., LTD2013
    Chuzhou vw brokerage co., LTD2013Annual meeting on2014Years1Month11In chuzhou, crown hotel。
  • Bo xihua staff trip
    2013Years11Month3My company solely responsible for the Po xihua staff to visitFCK2The factory's schedule,Activity is very round
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