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Guizhou moutai distillery(Group)Health care industry co., LTD

       Guizhou moutai distillery(Group)Health care industry co., LTD belongs to guizhou maotai maotai group,Is a subsidiary of the earliest moutai group,Company is located in the scenic of the chishui river——Maotai,It is Shared with Chinese wine maotai advantageous water、The climate、The natural conditions such as soil。Superior natural environment,Have created favorable conditions for the development of the company,Besides co., LTD is the only core in maotai factory has a production base of subsidiary。The company has always attached great importance to quality,Adhere to the road of product quality。By a large number of long-term research of professional and technical personnel engaged in liquor production strictly the quality pass,That the quality of the products get effective guarantee。

       Company staff firmly believe in maotai group co., LTD under the correct leadership,Guided by the scientific outlook on development、Stick to itDevelopment is the absolute principle。With the development of the eye,Response to market development strategy,The short-term goal of the enterprise and dealer development and vision。With the development of the methods to solve the problem,With the development of performance to achieve new breakthroughs,Move on to a new glory。

        In a short span of more than two years of strategic layout and promoted,Huasheng the famous brand has won the highly recognition of the market positioning and development,At the same time, our products have been praised by the consumers。Brand huasheng wine reputation and popularity also in promoting to a higher position with the passage of time,Brand huasheng wine in wine lovers circle of influence and acceptance is also growing。     For more than two years of development,Brand huasheng wine is already have thousands of partners,Can be said to be the liquor to stand out in the wine industry“A dark horse”。     In nowadays the resources sharing、Complementary advantages、Win-win cooperation、Hand in hand,Thank you for trust along the way、Huasheng wine supporting partners,

Part of the honor  Grind fine,The new generation;The pursuit of excellence,Scaling new heights;Success flocking,Results of boiling

Photograph taken part of the partners  (Just two years already2000A partner)

          Company leaders                                                                                                                                                                  We promise  


CCTV2、CCTV7Booster brand

Huasheng wine in the brand2017Years2Month,Brand huasheng fine wine in China central television (CCTV)CCTV7、CCTV2On television20Seconds advertising success with core brandsCCTVNetwork mall,The move caused a great sensation,Greatly raise public awareness of the brand、Promote the development of the brand and gain more trust of consumers。

《Brand mission》

      The company does not forget the social responsibility and mission,Country rich and strong without each and every one of us Chinese people's common and effort,Brand names、The enterprise brand、Brand interest tax、Brand and rejuvenating the country,We heroism、Elite team will go all out to do a can move xing、The enterprise、Xing tax、And rejuvenating the country、And full of beliefs and feelings“Huasheng fine wines”The big brands,Will make“Huasheng fine wines”Create more glory!


Maotai group belongs to the world's largest wine company、

Have not copy of brewing technology

Have the largest base for storing wine

The best to ensure the quality of wine for a long time

The same price,Has not the same quality

Let customers have enough profit space

It happened200Market service team

Help customers to pin the market,Create brilliant

Saving lives《When flowers are round》In the country28A provincial television broadcast
Enterprise powerful psi-blades

          2017Years11Month6In guiyang north station, initial success。“Huasheng fine wines”The opening of the number,Not only reveals the power of the brand,But also the determination of the brand to become bigger and stronger,At the same time also inspired the distributors and agents,Are determined,You must go all out,Hand in hand to huasheng famous brand,Go further together、Fly higher。

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 At present,Health care industry co., LTD., enterprise benefit、Social influence increased substantially,The tax amount for many years to keep the three renhuai,Renhuai local economic construction and development。



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