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  The left - high Jingshi law firms partners,Internet financial legal affairs director,Letter ze jin business school distinguished expert instructors,Beijing melting of training“Training instructors”。Huazhong university of science and technology graduate student,The Beijing municipal law association,Member of the all-china lawyers association,Have the securities practice qualification、Tianjin equity exchange membership legal services、Beijing equity exchange agent qualification。  Lawyer left wins high credit compliance and good at grinds only net、Block chain、 Factoring、Big data model of financial products such as operating legal framework design,And specific operational link legal risk and prevention and control related patterns。Combined with abundant practice and experience,The team development has formed a set of for the employees、Platform and investors“The trinity”Internet financial risk management system,Aimed at Internet financial product innovation and risk control provides the omni-directional、Multi-level one-stop legal services。  Since the practice,Has been adhering to the“....More and more>>

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